Midwest Meets Manhattan

July 17, 2009, 1:41 pm
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A lot of my hits the past few days have been about some article that ran about Mug N Plus, the coffee shop I wrote about a few days ago.

So I feel the need to update and say that I did, indeed, go and pay the $2 I owed for the coffee, in case anyone was concerned. And have been back several times, including today, for their delicious house roast.

PS I have TONS of pictures to upload from the past few weeks – I’m going to spend the evening posting blogs, doing laundry, and writing postcards to incoming freshmen. Exciting Friday night, yeah? I might even work on my manuscript some. I really need to get back to that.


Please watch this video.
July 11, 2009, 8:16 am
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Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter
July 10, 2009, 6:11 am
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“I saw the film again a couple of nights ago at the premiere and…my God, my lips are like the lips of a horse, kind of distending independently away from my face and trying to encompass the lower half of hers.” D. Radcliffe, on his kissing scene.

Also, HP comes out SO SOON. I hope you are as excited as I am. I’m taking full advantage of NYC and going to see it in IMAX. Not midnight, because I have to work the next day and these days I can’t function on three hours of sleep, but…IMAX on Friday. I need to buy my ticket now, I think.


I chose this picture because I laugh every time I see it when I’m out. Dearest Ronald looks so intense here, but all I remember from the book is him being, well, this bumbling, not very good Quidditch player. I mean, he tries real hard, but…never quite makes it.

And all of these posters show Ron like, well, what I think he probably saw in the Mirror of Erised in their first year. Which is not where Ron ended up. Kind of.

The Walking of Manhattan
July 9, 2009, 7:44 pm
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About a week and a half ago, I decided that since I’m always taking the subway Everywhere, I never get to actually see the city. So I wanted to do some walking.

So I walked from my apartment on 113th St all the way down to Union Square at 14th St. No, NYC does not skip streets. I walked 100 blocks, which is approximately equivalent to five miles. And it was Fabulous. The great thing about living here is that walking 20 blocks does Not feel even close to being a Whole Mile.

I saw some fabulous things, ate some fabulous food, and overall had a great time. Let me show you some of the Pictures from that day.



All over the city are these little stands of cats, usually outside pet stores or in traveling ASPCA vans, where you can play with the cats and donate money toward helping save stray cats and to stop the cat overpopulation in the city. It just broke my heart to see all these sad babies. The one on top looked like Bagheera, and gave me equally annoyed looks when I tried to take pictures.


Oh, right. The offices of The Princeton Review – the people who got me through AP test in high school. I just thought this was kind of funny. It’s always surprising, the things you just happen to stumble across when you’re up here.


Look at this cool place. Just hangin’ out at 77th and Broadway.


Look, Harry Potter!


I can’t remember why I took this shot. I think I just thought the buildings looked rather neat. Good enough reason, I guess.


Look, more cool buildings in Columbus Circle – also, CNN.


This is kind of cool. It’s also huge.


These are Everywhere, and it reminds me completely of that TOMS thing that Ben made for Taylor a few months ago. I mean, right?


Oh, look, the Late Show. How about that? This is closer to Times Square.


Look! Harry Potter again! Also, Public Enemies and West Side Story.


Look! It’s Parsons!! I almost had a little moment of happy death when I looked up and saw this.


I thought this was kind of weird and creepy, so I took a picture of it.


Patron!! Another one for you Vienna friends.


Ahem. This states something quite untrue. I’ve forgotten what it is and I can’t read this picture, but it’s some statement about the USPS braving all kinds of weather to get you your mail. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes it is not.


Oh, um…look, more buildings. I believe this is also at Columbus Circle, just outside Central Park.


And finally, we close with Harry Potter!! This is one of the bus ads. I haven’t seen one of the bad guy bus ads in a really long time, but if I see another one, I’ll try to take a picture of it.

All in all, this was a Wonderful Day. Very exhausting, but also very, very fun!

Today, I got this email.
July 9, 2009, 4:11 pm
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It was directed to Soundings editors, which I had totally forgotten I was still getting. Please enjoy.

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from Aksel Bradley

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aprznd asvnyou whiwsee.
So there you have it folks – this is your competition for the spring. Work hard.

[Fun fact:This was spam. Not anything real. Just FYI.]

I am working on it, I promise
July 9, 2009, 1:21 pm
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I have six drafts going. I just haven’t had time to actually finish any of them yet. Perhaps I should just slow down and do one at a time. Hm.

In the meantime, be amazed by this.

Penny on the Train Tracks
July 7, 2009, 12:57 pm
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Do you ever have those moments when you’re drinking coffee out of a travel cup with one of those lids with the small drinking hole (yes, like Starbucks, but I’m not drinking Starbucks so I didn’t feel like I should corporatize everything), and you start to take it from your mouth, and you move a little too quickly or something, and you end up with coffee up your nose, on the desk, sometimes on your shirt?

Yeah, that just happened to me. Again. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that this is a rather frequent occurence for me.

[Also, I choose to ignore the fact that I have not blogged in over a week. I apologize. Now, I move on.]

The other day, I was sitting on the train, and I overheard a little conversation that went something like this:

Female suit: I hate it when sometimes the train gets stalled because there are children on the tracks. I mean, why are they playing on the train tracks?

Suit: I have no idea. You’d think they could go play on the playgrounds or something when the crack addicts aren’t around during the day.

Female suit: Yeah.

Suit: I heard that sometimes cows get on the train tracks and stall traffic.

Female suit: Where did you hear that? We don’t have cows up here, at least not this close to Manhattan. That only happens in the Midwest.

They then proceeded to exit the train, and I cowered in the seat behind where they had stood, wondering if they knew that we don’t even have trains for our bumbling cows to stall. I mean, we have a few, but when was the last time you heard of a train actually being stalled for cows? Oh, like, the early 1900s? Yeah, me too.

Good to know we’re still a century behind back there.

And I’m pretty sure this was the same day my bus took out a trashcan on the way home. Yes. Took a wide turn and the victim was a little too close to the curb, apparently. Sorry, NYC. Just lost a valued receptical.

[Be looking for posts over the next few days. I have a lot to catch you up on, like museum visits and the like. It will be wonderful. I have pictures of many famous paintings. Paintings you will know.

Hint: I totally saw Starry Night in person, and have pics as proof. None of that “pics or it didn’t happen” junk.]