Midwest Meets Manhattan

The Walking of Manhattan
July 9, 2009, 7:44 pm
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About a week and a half ago, I decided that since I’m always taking the subway Everywhere, I never get to actually see the city. So I wanted to do some walking.

So I walked from my apartment on 113th St all the way down to Union Square at 14th St. No, NYC does not skip streets. I walked 100 blocks, which is approximately equivalent to five miles. And it was Fabulous. The great thing about living here is that walking 20 blocks does Not feel even close to being a Whole Mile.

I saw some fabulous things, ate some fabulous food, and overall had a great time. Let me show you some of the Pictures from that day.



All over the city are these little stands of cats, usually outside pet stores or in traveling ASPCA vans, where you can play with the cats and donate money toward helping save stray cats and to stop the cat overpopulation in the city. It just broke my heart to see all these sad babies. The one on top looked like Bagheera, and gave me equally annoyed looks when I tried to take pictures.


Oh, right. The offices of The Princeton Review – the people who got me through AP test in high school. I just thought this was kind of funny. It’s always surprising, the things you just happen to stumble across when you’re up here.


Look at this cool place. Just hangin’ out at 77th and Broadway.


Look, Harry Potter!


I can’t remember why I took this shot. I think I just thought the buildings looked rather neat. Good enough reason, I guess.


Look, more cool buildings in Columbus Circle – also, CNN.


This is kind of cool. It’s also huge.


These are Everywhere, and it reminds me completely of that TOMS thing that Ben made for Taylor a few months ago. I mean, right?


Oh, look, the Late Show. How about that? This is closer to Times Square.


Look! Harry Potter again! Also, Public Enemies and West Side Story.


Look! It’s Parsons!! I almost had a little moment of happy death when I looked up and saw this.


I thought this was kind of weird and creepy, so I took a picture of it.


Patron!! Another one for you Vienna friends.


Ahem. This states something quite untrue. I’ve forgotten what it is and I can’t read this picture, but it’s some statement about the USPS braving all kinds of weather to get you your mail. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes it is not.


Oh, um…look, more buildings. I believe this is also at Columbus Circle, just outside Central Park.


And finally, we close with Harry Potter!! This is one of the bus ads. I haven’t seen one of the bad guy bus ads in a really long time, but if I see another one, I’ll try to take a picture of it.

All in all, this was a Wonderful Day. Very exhausting, but also very, very fun!

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I’m so proud of your multiple updates. I haven’t updated mine in almost 2 weeks. This weekend there will be a lot. Oy.

Comment by Kayla M

Whoa! I didn’t notice all of these updates until just now!

I love the pictures. I also LOVE how close together everything seems in the city, even if you walk 5 miles~

Comment by Rebekah Bruce Parker

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