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Yesterday, I Sailed a Boat
June 27, 2009, 11:46 am
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And I would’ve posted my pictures except my camera battery died and I had to charge it last night. Blerg.

Anyway. DailyLit founders Albert Wenger and Susan Danziger own a sailboat, so yesterday afternoon they took the entire DailyLit crew (me, Maggie, Laura and Bela) out for a sail. It was overcast, but I got the tiniest bit of tan – if you looked at me, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell, but I can tell. Yeah, one of those. But it’s a start.


This is Albert, walking beside the marina at the Larchmont Yacht Club.


I saw this and had to take a picture of it because it was so strange. I still don’t understand it. Yes, there is a giant hole in its forehead where those flowers are spilling out.


This is a house along the water. It’s insanely huge. All of them are like this. Ridiculous.


This is Albert, getting ready to sail us out to the real water. It was pretty neat seeing how he got the boat ready to go and everything. We all tried to help, but ended up mostly untying ropes and being confused more than anything. Sorry, Albert.


Ok, so, worst picture ever, I know. But this was the moment when I realized I had definitely gotten the best internship ever – we were sailing past Long Island here, and Albert goes, “This is the area The Great Gatsby was based – all of these old houses, mansions, and when they talk about how he could see the light, it was just like this.” I mean, completely out of the blue. And how cool is that? I hadn’t made that connection, and it was great that he just pointed that out. Fantastic.


This is Bela, my fellow summer intern.


This is Maggie, sailing the boat! We all got a turn to steer the rudder, and when you’re steering it’s hard to think about anything else. So all of the pictures of us here have that pinched I-Can’t-Look-At-The-Camera-But-I’m-Trying look. Oh well. Better that look than a crashed boat, yes?


Look! It’s me! Sailing! I’m totally steering the boat right now and being very scared. Also, I look rough. I’m not sure why.


I just thought this was a cool picture. It was cloudy, so when the sun came out it looked really neat.


This is Laura, head of the extern program. She’s really nice.


This is Execution Rock. They used to row people out here and hang them. Crazy, huh? Oh, and behind that is Long Island.


This is Susan and Albert. I wish her hat hadn’t been cut out of the picture – it says “First Mate” on it. They’re a lot of fun.


Susan was tired – sailing is hard work!

All in all, it was really, really fun. Sailing was a lot more challenging than you would think, but Albert was really nice about it and helped us all when we needed it (which was fairly often).

Now, I’m off to do some exploring!

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Exploring?? Where to? I’m sure you’ll blog about it later.

What a fun time- sailing!! Glad you didn’t end up on the Lost island or anything. Remember the Black Rock? How did it get there? Your boat looks kind of like the Black Rock.

Comment by Rebekah

that is on my bucket list–to learn how to sail! its so classy!

Comment by Kaylee

also, i really like the new picture on the top of your blog… is that called a header? i can’t remember.

Comment by Kaylee

Hi. PLease note that “hi” is my keyword of the week. Hi. What are you doing in NYC at the moment? Hi. Do you like pie? Hi.

Hope you’re having a great time in NYC! Can’t wait to see you!

Comment by Davis (and Karissa)

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