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The United States of Harry Potter
June 25, 2009, 8:56 pm
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Whew, talk about a long day! My mornings are kind of exhausting because I have to be awake about two hours before I have to actually be at work. Why is this such a pain? Well, it means I have to wake up at 7, leave my apartment at 7:30 so I can catch a bus somewhere between 7:40-7:50, ride the bus two miles to the train station, where I catch either the 8:17 or 8:48 Metro North Stamford Local (depending on whether the bus was being pokey or not – it’s pokey more often than not), and ride the train 30-ish minutes to Mamaroneck, where I get off and walk about a quarter mile to work.

It’s just exhausting in the mornings. I think you all know I am definitely not a morning person, and I just hate having to be up and about and presentable. I can be up and about and in my pajamas whenever you want, but getting ready takes time.

Anyway. I’m sorry I’m such a whiner. Went to work all day, then went to an HTML class with my fellow DailyLit externs and a few other publishing folk (connections, connections), where I learned a lot of basic HTML, along with the most basic CSS. I knew most of the HTML already just because I’ve been coding books at work, but it was still nice to sit down and have it all explained to me by someone with a PhD in Information Technology from MIT. Yeah. Pretty cool.

So I finally made it back to my apartment tonight, and I’m going to post a few pictures for you from tonight. 🙂


I saw this as I was about to head down into the subway to come back to my apartment, and I just thought it was sucha  neat shot. I love that I can just casually take a picture of this.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:


This is just one wall of the underground of Times Square – all of the panels are filled with these Harry Potter posters, almost all the way down the station, from one entrance to the central hub of staircases and train connections. Not to mention the stairs are covered in HP stuff and there are posters everywhere and New York is just SO EXCITED about Harry Potter (as it should be!).

I carry my camera around with me, so I’ll keep a running tally of Harry Potter sightings over the next few weeks. Be warned – they will be many. Today was the first day I’ve seen anything except bus adverts, and HP is everywhere. I hope I can get a shot of the bus ones – they have one that’s Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore. And then I saw this one and actually got chills – Bellatrix, Snape, Draco and Fenrir Greyback. It was actually kind of scary!

OH. I have this picture I took the other day and I completely forgot! Hang on.


This picture is a link so you can click on it and see it bigger, I think. Aw, what the heck.


Now you can REALLY see what I’m looking at. In the top right cornerish area, you can see an entire side of a building covered with a Harry Potter…poster? I’m not sure what it is. But it’s the WHOLE BUILDING. I see this every day on the train home from work – crazy, huh?

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I’m lovin’ it!

It’s so exciting. I remember when I was in London Summer ’04, and Prisoner of Azkaban was coming out. Since the premiere was at the Odeon in Leicester Square, the adverts were out of control. It was really cool.

I ran into your mama today outside of the OC library.

I want to see the “scary” bus advert. It sounds pretty cool.

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