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One Thing I Don’t Like About This Theme
June 19, 2009, 12:02 pm
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is that it won’t let me add a blogroll. Normally, no big deal. I mean, I do follow a fair number of industry blogs, but you probably aren’t interested in that.

But I would like to have a blogroll so I can keep my friends’ blogs in an easy-to-find place. Yes, all of you, my lovely friends. PS, Kim, I can’t find your blog, so if you threw a comment my way and told me what it was, that would be fantastic. 🙂

I mean, I have all of you in a Google Reader, but since I always have my Dashboard tab open, I’d like to be able to just go to my blog and click on your blog names so I can see what’s going on in your life. I might change the theme again. I just don’t know.

What do you think?

Enough complaining, I suppose.

It’s a fantastic Friday. I’m about to update my work blog with the Friday Free Read that I’ve started doing, so you should roll on over there sometime this afternoon and check that out.

I think my (newest)  favorite part about working in Mamaroneck is seeing all the graffiti as I ride the train every day. I mean, there’s always new stuff, even if that’s just usually because I’m bad at spotting it all.

Today, I looked out the window and saw all of the names of different cuts of meat written along the wall of the train tracks. Yes, really. Such glorious terms as “HOCK,” “THIGH,” “STEAK,” and “RIBS” were written in a black block print along the wall. It was nice.

Then, after the New Rochelle stop, I got to see a giant purple and orange flaming skull, with the name “KillToyz” next to it. Perhaps it’s meant to be “KillJoyz.” I’m not sure, but it was definitely a T, and I definitely laughed.

Today’s been a really good day at work so far. We had a conference call meeting, and then my fellow intern Bela and I met with our supervisor Maggie to talk about our “extern projects.” You can go to my work blog to read up on that, and comment if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Anyway. I don’t know what to write about right now. I’m just having a fantastic Friday, and I hope you are, too.

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on your dashboard go to the bog surfer and put in the name of a person’s blog…then you can read everyone’s automatically on readomatic!! very convienient!

Comment by lalahendy

so when are you going to add your own graffiti?

Comment by kooi

I like the “cuts of meat” graffiti.

Comment by Rebekah

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