Midwest Meets Manhattan

Hey, pretty lady with the yellow sunglasses.
June 13, 2009, 6:55 pm
Filed under: Out and About

Yes, I did get addressed as that yesterday. It was classy, let me tell you. It was nice outside, so I decided to walk a little ways from the train to a bus stop a few blocks down. It was fine, except I got called out on my yellow sunglasses a few times. haha. Oh well.

Anyway, today’s been good except for the fact that humidity apparently hates me. If you thought it wasn’t possible for anywhere to be more humid than Oklahoma, well, you’d be wrong. Every day I’m surprised by how humid NYC is. It rains almost every day and it’s just…hot. It’s hot and it rains, so that equals like 70% humidity every day.

My hair and my face do not appreciate it. My hair especially. You know how I hate wearing my hair up, and that’s basically turned into my life here. I wish it could just be sunny for once. I don’t even care if it’s cold. Just sun would be nice.

I’ve discovered that one of my favorite places to roam around is around 50th and Broadway. It’s not quite all the way to Times Square, so it lacks that exact Tourist annoying bit. It is right smack in the middle of the Theater District and where all of those Hop On/Hop Off buses stop, so there are plenty of Tourists there, but go a few blocks out and you’re usually rid of the really obnoxious ones (I think).

I just really like walking around that area. It’s so full of life and there’s always something interesting going on.

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Which yellow sunglasses? Upload a pic, please!

I can’t believe it’s so humid. Yuck!

I was in NYC once in late July and it wasn’t humid but it was REALLY hot.

Comment by Rebekah

Ugh, I would much rather it be boiling hot than this humid. It’s no fun at all, especially for my hair.

They’re new – I bought them at H&M because I wanted some “funglasses.”

Comment by baileymichelle

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