Midwest Meets Manhattan

Being Blair Waldorf.
June 6, 2009, 7:48 pm
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Today, I went walking again. I visited the most fantastic 3-story H&M in the world again, and did a lot of window-shopping in Midtown. I didn’t make it past the 50s, but I saw some pretty great stuff.

I wore a dress and a headband and I felt just like Blair Waldorf. Next time I go to the Upper East Side, which might be tomorrow after church, I’ll actually take some good pictures.

I’m planning to do a Gossip Girl walking tour of NYC sometime soon, probably over the next week. So look for a picture post detailing all of these places. I need to put together a really good Gossip Girl outfit, and maybe I can convince someone to let me Tourist and take pictures of me. I feel lame when I have to act like the Tourist, but then again, there’s a 99% chance I’ll never see them again, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

Besides, I think that’s where the celebrities are, and what kind of TV addict would I be if I didn’t try to see famous people?

Speaking of celebrities…I’m going to see Chicago at the Amsterdam Theater on Monday evening, and Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey) is playing Matron Mama Morton. Basically it’s going to be the greatest day of my life.

Thought it couldn’t get any better? It’s her opening night, so there are going to be other Grey’s Anatomy stars there to support her!! Yeah. I might get to see OTHER Grey’s stars. Like. Think about it. The ChicagoMusical Twitter account Tweeted me and said that I would definitely see her co-stars there. I think I might die. I’ll let you know how it is and hope I don’t fangirl too badly if I see any of them. Fortunately I’m going alone so I won’t have anyone around to be embarrassed by me if I do. ๐Ÿ˜€


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I love Chandra Wilson (as you already know)…I’m jealous that you get to see her in Chicago. I’ve never actually seen the show live before!!! Just the movie several times.

TAKE pics. Don’t be afraid to ask! I need to see your pics!

Comment by Rebekah

When I met Patrick Dempsey, I made a COMPLETE fool of myself and he was still super nice. Don’t be afraid to gush. They’re used to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m jealous, love! Truly jealous!

Comment by characara

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