Midwest Meets Manhattan

The Balloon Project
May 30, 2009, 10:00 am
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Look at this cool video I found on YouTube.

I hope to do things like this this summer.

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I saw Up! this afternoon. (Yes, by myself)

The first thing I thought of was this video. I feel there may be a trend or something. hahaha

Comment by Kayla

That’s funny, because I hope for you to be involved in things like THIS while you’re in NYC.

You’ve probably seen it, but it seems to get better every time.

Comment by Cady

Oh dear, Cady. I hadn’t seen it, actually, but I do hope to be involved in things like that, as well.

Sometimes I get lonely here and then I see crazy things like that and remember what a fun place NYC is.

Comment by baileymichelle

haha..this is great!! question….how do they get the camera back?

Comment by lalahendy

I love it!

Comment by Rebekah

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