Midwest Meets Manhattan

Oh hey, Empire State Building.
May 29, 2009, 4:05 pm
Filed under: Out and About, Sightseeing

Today, I walked past the Empire State Building several times before I realized what it was. Cool.

I took the 1 train down to Times Square, where I then took  the 7 train over to Grand Central and then got out and walked around for a few hours. I went several cool places, my favorite being the 3-story NY flagship H&M. That may or may not have been the goal for the day. Just sayin’.

But in other notable places –

IMG_0210Look familiar, 30 Rock watchers? Yep. That’s right.

IMG_0211I call this the “I’m trying really hard not to look like a tourist taking pictures with my iPhone” shot. You’ll see more of this shooting mode later on.

IMG_0213Such as this shot. What is this? What exactly was I trying to capture here? Obviously, it was a failure and I didn’t realize it.

IMG_0214Rockefeller Plaza, from a little bit of a distance. Also known as “The Tourists: Let Me Show You Them.”


Mm. Yes. This was a fantastic store. Great sales. Unfortunately, Anthropologie, I still do not want your harem pants.

IMG_0218Um, yes please.

IMG_0219Um, yes puhleeeeeeze.


IMG_0221Cool! I want to do this. Except maybe when I have $20 to spare on an elevator. Ugh.

IMG_0223Makes you a little woozy, doesn’t it?

IMG_0224Yeah yeah 30 Rock!! Been wanting to see this since I got here.

IMG_0225And again 🙂

IMG_0226Man, 10 years ago I would’ve been flipping out over this. I loved American Girl.

IMG_0229This is the Sephora for people who enjoy optical illusions. Such as myself.

IMG_0231Ah, back to Grand Central so my poor toes can get some rest.

And when I got back, I had two nice surprises waiting for me. One, my other roommate Samie (sam-ya) is here! She’s really cool. I like her a lot.

Two, my garment rack has arrived! I finally beat it into cooperation and now my clothes are hanging so nicely on it. It looks very good. Takes a lot of the space over by the door. Oh well. It looks much more organized now.

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I love the shots of 30 Rock and Radio City. I’ve been there once, and it makes me nastalgic. By the way, I just recently discovered the magic of RSS Feeds, so I’ll be keeping up with your adventures. I’ll hook you up with our newsletter and blog info when it comes.

Peace out and happy adventures.

Comment by Roy

we should go to the American girl place for lunch when i come and visit!! i was obsessed as well, we can be nastalgic

Comment by lalahendy

ugh! SO jealous that you got to go to H&M! I went to my first one in Hong Kong and stupidly enough didn’t buy anything! What was I thinking? Great to hear you’re doing so well!

Comment by Jessica

I LOVE these shots.

I enjoyed the American Girl comment…me too 10 years ago. Or 11.

Don’t worry about taking pictures and looking like a silly tourist- just pretend like you’re texting. No one can tell the difference!

Comment by Rebekah

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