Midwest Meets Manhattan

Mm, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – what?
May 28, 2009, 7:57 pm
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Motorcycle Count: 1, parked and covered outside my apartment.

Well, it’s just past 8:00 here. I went out and walked Central Park and some of the Upper East Side today, for at least a few hours.

I came back at 5:00 to eat, decided to take a quick nap instead. Figured I’d brew some of my coffee when I woke up (I bought Dunkin’ Donuts brand because I hear it’s actually delicious), and then head back out for some more exploring.

Like I said, it’s now just past 8:00. I guess that’s what I get for not setting an alarm. I did an intense Jillian Michaels workout this morning when I woke up – if you don’t know her, she’s one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser, so you know her stuff works – and then I guess hours of semi-brisk walking did me in.  Maybe that’s a little embarrassing and I shouldn’t be telling you that. Eh. Apparently I was tired. Not ashamed.

So now I’m eating tomato soup and brewing coffee. I’ll keep you updated on how it tastes. It sure smelled better than Starbucks when I poure

Id it into the coffee filter. It was a little sweeter smell. It was nice. Not so bitter. Now that I’m rambling about it, I want some. Hang on. Watch this while I’m gone.

Report: Yes, you should try this. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is delicious. Yum. I’ll be buying this again. Not only is it good, it’s cheaper than Starbucks, and I’m always a fan of coffee that doesn’t cost $11 per bag here. I know, right? Oh well. I’m applying to work at Starbucks, so then it’ll be fo’ freeee. If they hire me.

Today’s a doubly exciting day. Why? Because not only do you get a funny YouTube video, I took some pictures for you today. Yep, that’s right! It’s nothing you’ll probably recognize as famous, but I finally remembered to pull out my phone and take some pictures in Central Park. I’m not quite at the stage where I feel comfortable touristing with a camera because I hate looking like a tourist – most of you probably know that. I just…can’t bring myself to do it. Someday I suppose I’ll have to, though. Oh well. Anyway – here you are:


These stairs are in Morningside Park, which is on the way to Central Park. Minus the trash, they are beautiful.


I love the juxtaposition of the park against the cityscape. It’s probably one of my favorite things in the entire world. Really.


The gate to the Conservatory Gardens. Impressive. It’s also huge.


Sorry for the crooked picture. This is really beautiful. It was lightly drizzling today, so this probably wasn’t as pretty as it usually is.



Kayla, if you thought Edmond was  City of Statues…oh girl. NYC is ridic.


Again with the park/city. Love it.

In final news, I got a package from my mom today! Hoorah! She shipped it Tuesday afternoon from OC, so imagine our shock when it got here today. This morning at like 8:00. Yes. Shocking. But now I have the rest of my clothes, my Rhett Butler book, my driver’s license (yes. I know.), a pair of heels, and a few other assorted things I forgot. Oh, yes, including my Blair Waldorf headbands. Now I’m prepared for the Upper East Side.

Ok, real final news. T.R. Knight is officially off Grey’s Anatomy after flatlining in the finale, having been dragged half a block by a bus to save a stranger – very un-George, if you ask me. That whole episode was ridiculous for him. I don’t know if the end was supposed to make me cry, but it made me go something more like, “Ugh, I don’t even care if he dies. I am so mad at him for being a jerk on set and this strange turn of events in his character does not make me feel sorry for him in the least.” It’s not like he’ll ever get that good of a role again. T.R. Knight was made for George O’Malley. Eh. His stupidity, his loss.

I hope Katherine Heigl stays, though. Her cancer arc did make me cry. I’ll be really sad if she leaves.

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I’m REAL jealous of your Central Park pictures! Also…Morningside, as in Columbia housing, yes? My cousin’s trying to get housing there for grad school…yup.

And I REFUSE to believe that NYC has more than Edmond…if they do, then I bet Edmond has more on average per square mile. Seriously.

Comment by Kayla Ann

Central Park…what a place! Here’s a piece of trivia for you. From what I’ve heard, the designer of Central Park also designed Cameron Park in Waco, Texas. How is that for odd?

Comment by AJ

Gosh, HOW are we supposed to wait on Grey’s?

I bet your summer will go by fast!!

I love the pics. I like the way Central Park looks in the middle of Manhattan when flying in. Could you see it on your flight in?

Comment by Rebekah

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