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Ah, Salmon Skin Roll…
May 27, 2009, 6:37 pm
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Honestly, this might sound a little juvenile, but I think my favorite part of the apartment is the door buzzer. I plan to use it as often as possible this summer – which, granted that it’s basically going to only be used for deliveries for me, isn’t probably going to be that often.

I feel just like out of an episode of Friends sometimes. Tonight I ordered a sushi roll online with free delivery to my apartment (another use of the buzzer!) and I skimmed the list and almost ordered a salmon skin roll just because of The One With Unagi. Then I decided I’d never had that and I’d test this restaurant by the rolls that I already know I like. Then we’ll see about unagi.

But back to the door buzzer. It’s basically my favorite toy in the apartment. In case you’ve never lived in an apartment with a buzzer, here’s how it works. I had never seen one outside of a movie, namely 13 Going On 30,Β  or perhaps an episode of Friends (I don’t think they had one, did they? They were always all up in each other’s bidness, so I don’t think so.), so this was an exciting experience for me.

Downstairs, there are two doors. There’s the door to the outside and then there’s the little space where the list of tenants is, complete with buzzers. My name isn’t on it because I’m not the permanent tenant (or whatever), but it has the apartment number so it’s fine. The second door is locked.

So unless you have a key, you have to find whoever you’re coming to see and press their button.

That’s when the buzzer goes off in my apartment. It’s quite loud. Like, you can’t sleep through it. It’s loud and it’s obnoxious.

But it’s exciting no matter what time it buzzes because that means I get to jump up from wherever I am and go pick up the phone, ask who it is (for safety, I guess) and then press the little button inside.

And then, voila, the door opens and you are welcome to take the elevator up to my apartment.

Pretty exciting, huh?Β  I’m generally a fan, except when it buzzes early in the morning. But that’s only happened once and it’s not likely to happen again.

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I LOVE salmon skin rolls. You should really go for it. They’re a little bit different, but incredibly tasty. I’m happy for you and your buzzer.

Comment by Cady

Wow, I really want a door buzzer now, really really badly

Comment by AJ

I am a newcomer to your blog and I have enjoyed reading about your NYC adventures! I can’t wait to here all kinds of details. How is the job going? What part of the city are you living? Well, enjoy your metropolis while I’m here in good ‘ol Edmond. And I love that your life feels like a friends episode.

Comment by Ben R

Both of the apartments in friends have buzzers. I could tell you which episodes they are seen in, but that would be borderline crazy. πŸ™‚

Comment by kayleeshaine

Kaylee, this is why we are friends. Ahaha. Punny.

Comment by baileymichelle

Who came early in the morning to buzz up?

I want to press your buzzer. It’s so city.

Comment by Rebekah

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