Midwest Meets Manhattan

May 25, 2009, 11:55 pm
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I’m getting over 30 hits a day. Usually closer to 50.

So my question:

If you are reading my blog, why aren’t you commenting? I’d like to hear from you guys and see how life is going. Seriously.

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Here’s my question: how do you find out how many people are looking at it? I want to know on mine!

Comment by Kayla

I’m not sure for you because you use Blogger. I find WordPress infinitely more user-friendly and customizable.

I’m sure there’s a stats function somewhere in your dashboard – I just couldn’t tell you exactly where. Sorry!

Comment by baileymichelle

Less than a week until I am in the same time-zone as you! Also, you probably already know this, but Pioneer Woman is in NYC right now. Not that you will see her, but still cool.

I love your blog so far, and I will let you know when I have mine set up! Have a great week!

Comment by Kaylee

Forgive me! I took my first look at the blog last night right before bed, and didn’t have a chance to comment until now! It sounds like you have an awesome place, and a fun summer ahead! I’ll keep following you, and making sure that you are doing anything “questionable” in wicked, evil NYC.

Comment by AJ

Is it just me, or did your blog get a facelift?

I like it.

Comment by Ben

I just now set down to read your blog on my lunch break at work! It’s highly entertaining and I can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures in NYC! Love you!!!

Comment by Jessica

So…i really enjoyed reading your blog, and it only makes me want to come visit you more (which i fully plan on doing). Also, I am watching Cash cab right now (my dads favorite show) so you should probably find it and win money.

Comment by Laura

I’m just now catching up on my comments for you dear. I’ll try and be consistent!!!

Comment by Rebekah

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