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Dairy Stocker Psychology, or, Almost All The Way Moved In
May 25, 2009, 3:04 pm
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I’m a little in love with how long-dead authors title their books. Such-and-Such-Title, or, Subtitle-Title. I find it very handy for naming blog posts – a somewhat clever name, and then a more obvious name. I think it’s entertaining. Maybe it’s not. Oh well. My blog.

So, that aside – I’m finally almost all the way moved in to my room. I don’t have bedroom pictures yet because I’m not quite done. Bed, Bath & Beyond is delivering the things that I bought earlier this afternoon sometime this evening, so as soon as that gets here and I get it all set up, I’ll post that so you know I’m not living in a shoebox or my own filth (Mom, that one’s for you).

I woke up about 10:00 EST, which is…9:00 CDT. It’s weird to be an hour ahead of everyone except the GA girls – and soon to be Will and Kaylee. Can’t wait for them to get up here. Since Chieri-lookalike didn’t leave until really early this morning, I slept in the living room because I was pooped and she wasn’t done packing. So I moved in this morning, and so far it’s gone…ok. I have too many hanging clothes so I ordered a clothes rack from Target online – the LangLit department and my Kansas cousins paid for that one, love giftcards, love ’em to death. I also love the people who gave them to me. Just sayin’.

So I ordered that, then looked up the nearest subway station online and then the nearest Barnes & Noble and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had some shopping to do.

I bought my 30-day unlimited Metrocard and hopped on the 1 Train down to 66th St. I was kind of nervous about the subway for some reason, but then once I got on the first train, all the nervousness was gone. It’s not like old hat or anything, but I’m comfortable. I feel capable. Which is good.

So I got off at 66th and walked a few blocks down to the Barnes & Noble. The four-story Barnes & Noble. Let me have a moment to nerd out over this. Yes. Thank you. I bought a $4 book and the New York moleskine that has a subway map and other things inside it, so you can be a tourist but try to hide it if you want. The store was glorious. Apparently there’s a B&N superstore down in Midtown. Guess who’s going there this week, just to see it?

I rolled down a few blocks to BBB, which was three stories and had a bedding loft. Yes. The street level only has escalators. You go down and it’s all of the kitchen/household stuff, and the checkout, all in this HUGE level. Then you take the elevator down to the bedding/bedroom level. I tooled around on that level for a really long time, being blown away by all of the glorious bedding. Then I was like, “Well, there are mountains of pillows and skyscrapers of other things, but there aren’t any actual bedding sets or sheets or anything. Where are those??” And then I turned the corner. In front of me stood the elevator reading “TO BEDDING LOFT.” Bedding Loft. Yes. There is a whole separate “loft” where they keep the actual bedding. So I went up there and found my blanket. It was amazing. A bedding loft.

On this trip, I picked up a pillow, a comforter blanket, a power strip, a desk mirror, clothes hamper, a trashcan, and hangers. Since I was about 40 blocks downtown of where I live, BBB has a delivery service, which I employed. They’re supposed to come from 4-7 tonight, so I’ll be here when they buzz me, I guess. I need to make a run down to Duane Reade so I can get pushpins to hang up my subway map, but I guess I’ll do that later tonight, ha. Maybe they’ll come like..at 4:00 so I’ll have more time to go out. Or maybe not.

On my way back, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some pasta, milk, crackers, and tomato soup. You didn’t think I’d go more than a few days without my soup, did you? I was back and forth between a gallon and half-gallon of milk, because I have approximately 1/3 of a fridge to use while I’m here. I ended up getting a half-gallon because the man stocking the yogurt told me that if I got a gallon, I would drink it faster and have to get more milk in a few days. I thought about this, and I decided his psychology was correct. If I don’t have as much, I won’t use as much.

Agh. I just realized I forgot to get coffee. I’ll get that at Duane Reade, too, I guess.

Now, are you ready for some pictures??

Apt 42

Here’s the stretch from the elevator down to my apartment at the end of the hall. It’s kind of like a sitcom. I kind of love it.

Living RoomThis is my living room, complete with really cute window hangings. See, a bike, I told you. No idea whose it is. I’m guessing the girl who’s out of town right now. I also cut the TV out of the picture by accident. Oops. I have a TV in my room, though, so I’ll probably just use that one.

Room BOh look. I live in Room B in my apartment. Appropriate, eh?

ShowerLooks like an ordinary shower, huh? Wait, wait for it. Look where the shower head is located. In the middle of the tub. Yes. Sometimes showering is difficult.

KitchHere’s my cute little kitchen. It’s actually pretty large for an NYC apartment, and I think has more shelf space than my OC apartment – the cabinets run across the other side, too. It also has full appliances. So nice.

Finally, I leave you with this bit of street art on my stoop. I saw it coming back from the subway today and thought it was a nice touch. At least now I won’t forget which stoop is mine in the building. There are three and they look identical. Now I am safe, haha.

Street Art Girl

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Wow I love it.

I wish I could fly out to see you there and spend a day with you in the big city!

I really want to see the big BB&B. You KNOW I’m getting tired of the Edmond one!

Love to you.

Comment by Rebekah

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